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Beautiful hands with paraffin therapy

Hands are daily exposed to all kinds of environmental influences. For their protection many people turn to paraffin therapy. Paraffin baths are especially efficient in the cold months of the year, when the skin tends to dry out, crack or become more sensitive. This is how you can perform this procedure at home.

Dip your hand up to the wrist in a bowl of melted paraffin. Alternate dipping your left and right hand for a few seconds up to a total of 8 times for each hand. By then the hands should be covered in a thick layer of paraffin. Wrap them in plastic bags and cover with woolen or terry mitts. Relax for about 25 minutes, after which you can take the mitts and plastic bags off. Peel the paraffin from wrist to fingertips. It only takes a few procedures to make a great difference – the skin becomes smooth and soft.

Image:© cronopio / Fotolia

This procedure can be applied to almost all areas where skin problems are present – arms, belly, thighs, etc. Of course, like any other cosmetic procedure paraffin therapy has some contraindications which is why you should consult a doctor before succumbing to it.

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