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Decorating your nails at home

Image: © cronopio / Fotolia

Nails are a big part of a lady’s image, so if a woman wants to look nice, she should not forget to take care of this important and noticeable detail. You don’t need to go to an expensive salon to get your nails done you can do them at home and give them your special touch, so that they become an expression of your own personality and artistic abilities.

Tools you will need

There are many accessories on the market but if you are going to decorate nails for the first time and want to just give it a try, you can use a tooth pick. What you should not try to save on is quality nail polish and nail polish removers. You can also experiment with acrylic paint, which looks amazing and is also inexpensive.

Gain experience

The more you paint, the better you will get. Organize a girls’ night and persuade your friends to let you practice on their nails. You can also watch video tutorials and find inspiration on the internet. The main thing is not to get discouraged of failure. Keep trying and you will eventually reach perfection. Start with simpler designs and slowly progress onto more complicated ones or you will set yourself up for disappointment.

Laying the foundation

Prepare a basic background for your drawing. Cover the nails in two coats of the desired color. Beginners should choose a background with more natural tones – white, beige or pale pink. Use brighter colors for the picture you’re painting, or simply separate your nails into brightly colored parts.


Use the toothpick to draw something, anything that comes to mind. Beginners, do not worry about symmetry or proportions. You will master them in time. Imagine yourself as an artist, not a machine. Longer nails have the advantage of a larger canvas to work on, but shorter nails will last longer and be seen by more people.

Add different colors only after making sure that the previous color has dried completely. In this way you will avoid smudging and mixing of colors. You can use a toothpick dipped in nail polish remover to erase and apply minute corrections. If something goes wrong, you can always start over or cover the nails in glitter. This way the imperfections will not be as noticeable.


To keep your creations longer, apply a top layer of clear nail polish or a special fixing product. Do this every two-three days and repair the drawings when needed. If possible, try to do your housework with gloves to avoid damaging the nails.

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