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Manicure according to the shape of your hand


For many ladies manicure has become a healthful obsession but in order to do it right you have to keep in mind that just like clothes, certain types of it don’t look good on everybody. Below is our guide on how to coordinate your manicure according to your hand shape.

If your hands are broad and your fingers are stubby, your fingernails must be long, but not pointed.

Image:© Dron / Fotolia

If your hands and fingers are long, you can wear whatever pleases your aesthetics.

If your nails are brittle and break easily, make them short and give them a square shape with round corners. If they are not so easy to break, then follow instructions for the shape of your hand.

When using nail polish do not neglect the clear base coat. It hardens the nails and protects them from yellowing.

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