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Nuance – an important factor in choosing nail polish

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Choosing nail polish turns out to be an uneasy task, because it takes into consideration multiple factors. Not every color will bring out the best in your nails.

If you are like most women and have trouble choosing the proper nuance of nail polish, then heed the following advice.

The most important factor in choosing the color of your nail polish besides the shape of your nails is the tone of the skin around them. If it has a milky undertone, you should avoid cold colors. If your blood vessels are close to the skin surface and give it a pinkish undertone, then do not use pink or white polishes. Any bright color looks good on darker skin.

How to cover blemishes on the nail surface? Experts maintain that by choosing the right nail shape and shade of polish you can hide even the most serious surface defects of the nails.

If your nail surface is irregular use a base undercoat before applying nail polish and then apply rich bright tones without pearly glow.

If your nails are brittle, the best shape for them is the one between a square and oval. It is the most resistant to braking. Dark pearly polish optically elongates the nail.

Most common nail shapes and the nuances suitable for them

Trapezoid shape

Ladies who have thus shaped their nails will have to forget pearly, milky and neon nuances, as they optically widen the nails and bring out any surface defects. Leave the sides of the nail unpolished, since this makes it look thinner. The best tones for milky skin are the light semi-transparent ones – ice queen, diamond dust, pink marble, strawberry ice-cream. For peach complexion use golden dust or topaz. If you have darker skin, use bronze or pale pink and beige nuances.

Oval, square or almond shape

These shapes can tolerate any color except the cold tones, such as most shades of blue. Remember that if you wish to have long nails, you better give up on the bright colors altogether. For milky complexion use pastel, golden and light nuances. Do not use black, dark blue, dark red or dark brown colors. For peach complexion bronze, pearl and all other fall colors are great. For best results on dark skin, use warm red and chocolate tones.

Round shape

This shape speaks of a lady with either artsy or minimalistic tendencies. It may sound strange, but the whole pallet of bright and rich nuances will look amazing with this shape regardless of the complexion. Nevertheless you should not go overboard with the pearly glow, because it optically shortens the nails and they may look like buttons.

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