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All you will need to give yourself a traditional manicure

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The purpose of traditional manicure is to give the hand a tended, maintained look. Traditional manicure involves several procedures such as cuticle removal, shaping and filing and then polishing the nails. All these procedures require certain products and tools in order to be properly done.

Here is a list of everything you will need in order to create a good traditional manicure:

  1. First you will need an acetone-free nail polish remover, which you will use to remove all traces of old polish.
  2. Cotton balls to wipe the old nail polish with.
  3. A tub or basin with salty or soapy solution in which to soak your hands in order to soften your skin and make your cuticles more pliable.
  4. You may also need aromatic oils to add to your soak-bath for stress relief and relaxation.
  5. Hand lotion or gel. You will need this in order to nourish your nails and the skin of your hands. Make sure to select such a product that will correspond to your skin type.
  6. A towel to dry your hands off after the soak-bath.
  7. A nail brush, which you should use to scrub your nails and the tips of your fingers in order to clean them thoroughly and remove any dirt and dead cells. The nail brush is an excellent tool that will reach the difficult to clean area underneath the nail.
  8. A cleaning agent, such as liquid soap.
  9. An orange wood file or bamboo spatula used to push back cuticles
  10.  A large-grained nail file with which to shape and shorten your nails.
  11.  A small-grained file for finer shaping.
  12.  Nail clippers or manicure scissors for clipping or cutting out nails which are too long for filing.
  13.  Clear nail polish base, a coat of which is applied under the nail polish in order to protect the nails.
  14.  Nail polish in different colors (optional).
  15.  A protective top layer of clear nail polish or special topping product. Protects the manicure from wear.
  16.  White pencil. You will need it if you are giving yourself a French manicure, where the white pencil is used to enhance the color of the tips.

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