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Brittle nails

Image: © a1ex76 / Fotolia

Almost twenty percent of the people on Earth suffer from brittle nails. The experts cannot tell exactly what the cause for our nails to weaken is, but they point out that the likely culprits may be the detergents and the removal of nail polish. Other factors are the dry, cold weather and the frequent hand washing.


Fortunately, the natural physical remedy for brittle nails is one of the most commonly met elements on the Earth: silicon. As essential microelement in our bodies, it encourages the creation of two important substances – connective tissue, i.e. collagen that gives our skin, nails and hair strength, health and flexibility, and the glycosaminoglycans that hydrate the tissues in our bodies.


You can add more silicon to your healthy diet bet on products from whole grains, leafy vegetables and soybeans. This diet will help not only for the health of your nails. A little more silicon also strengthens the bones and can reduce the following appearance of wrinkles by improving the elasticity of the skin.


If your nails are still weak and brittle then pay a visit to your doctor. This particular symptom may be caused by shortcomings of zinc, iron, calcium, protein, and by more serious diseases, such as lung disease thyroid problems or thyroid problems.

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