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Careful with the splitting nails

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Splitting nails are an obstacle to the perfect manicure. Thankfully, manicure is no longer only a woman thing. Lately it has been gaining more and more acceptance and appreciation among the masculine part of the population. And rightly so! Tended nails are a sign of good health and hygiene habits.

Yet some nails tend to split and break, no matter how invested you are in caring for them. There can be several reasons behind that.

One of these reasons can be lack of certain vitamins.

Dehydration is another. The frequent use of household chemicals dries the nails and also depletes their vitamin resources. If you are going to keep your hands in water for any length of time, it is advisable to use rubber gloves. Otherwise your nails will absorb too much moisture and will eventually dry out, which will make them more breakable.

Do not trim splitting fingernails with a metal file. Metal files are often too aggressive and filing in both directions can worsen the condition of your nails.

Thyroid problems are another reason for splitting nails and one of the most serious reasons behind brittleness. In order to prevent such problems you have to:

  • Avoid using nail polish remover more often than once a week.
  • Wear protective gloves when working with detergents or other household cleansers.
  • Wear gloves in cold weather, even if there is no snow outside.
  • Use ceramic or paper files for shaping your nails.
  • Always file in a single direction.
  • Supply your nails with the vitamins they need by eating a vitamin-rich diet.
  • Make sure your diet is also rich in calcium, protein and iron, as well as other minerals.
  • Care for your nails regularly. Keep them shorter for a while until they get strong enough to grow without breaking or splitting.

Follow these tips and you will soon find your nails healthy and shiny again.

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