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Caring for your feet during the winter

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During the winter feet are in an unenviable position. They are always stuffed in boots and are often wrapped in thick socks, where they do not get enough air to breathe.

Why is this bad?

The skin on the soles of the feet and the palms of the hands is deprived of sebaceous glands and has a rough epidermal layer liberally spaced with sweat glands. This means that sweating is imminent unless your shoes and socks are carefully selected to prevent it. Not everyone can change socks several times during the day. Sweaty feet often get soaked and spongy, which advances the development of fungal infections or flaking and dehydration at best.

Here are some tips to follow in order to protect your feet during the winter.

Choice of socks (or pantyhose)

Buy either cotton or woolen socks and stockings. Thermal socks are also a good option, because they are made from a material which keeps the feet warm, but is still breathable, preventing sweating.

Excessive sweating

If this is the problem you’re battling during the winter, then you will need to treat your feet with a special gel or deodorant each morning before leaving the house. There is a great variety of such products on the market. They are especially designed to deal with sweaty feet.

Remove the rough layer of skin

You can do this either in a beauty salon or at home, depending on your preferences and financial situation. This procedure is best done every 3-4 weeks. If you are doing it at home, utilize the aid of keratolytic gels and creams.

Stop using alkaline gels and soaps and start using softer, gentler products.

The right shoes play the greatest role in foot comfort. It is good to have special shoes for walking and sports. Use them if you need to cover a larger distance on foot. If your work allows it, take off your boots once you get to the office and wear more comfortable shoes during the day. Unfortunately, not many women have this opportunity.

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