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Enjoying a nice manicure

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A lot of women need to have their manicures done professionally in order to feel secure of giving them the best possible care. But a big portion of the women out there prefer to care for their nails at home. If you are one of the latter, you probably know that in order to achieve perfect results you need a lot of practice. The results of the work of an inexperienced manicurist are far from perfect – the left hand differs from the right, there are smudges or deviations from the pattern, etc.

Short nails are best

If you are used to having a short or medium manicure, go for the short. The cute shorter nails are easy to maintain. They can sport full bright colors as well as darker colors which do not look too good on longer nails. Even though they’re short, make sure your nails are even in length and symmetrically shaped.

Polish to a shine

Invest some money in a good polishing file and use it to remove all unevenness and give the nails a shiny smoothness. Don’t neglect to file the tips. The even surface of the nails is the base for a good manicure. This helps for better application of the nail polish and gives a smoother overall result.

Don’t forget the cuticles

Brightly colored nails will only highlight untended cuticles. The best way to treat them is through hydration. Use a moisturizing lotion or cuticle softener every morning and evening. In cosmetic shops you can find different double-action oils which nourish and harden the nails while softening the cuticles.

Remove old spots

Remnants of the old nail polish will not only make spots of differing color in your new polish but will also create an unpleasant unevenness. Take care to remove all remnants of previous polish before applying new one. Always apply a clear base coat before applying the nail polish color of your choice, giving it sufficient time to dry completely.

Keep the formula

You know the formula – one base coat, two coats of polish, one clear top coat. For best and longest lasting effects wait for each coat to dry completely before applying the next one. Do not apply the quick-drying top polish directly to the nails since some of its ingredients can be harmful to the nail plate.

Brightness trick

If you want your colored nail polish to be bright and vibrant add a layer of white nail polish bellow it.

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