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Feed your nails – a nutritious guideline for proper nail care

Image: © cronopio / Fotolia

If you don’t want to have trouble with your nails, you have to take the time to give them the nutrition they require. Their taste can vary greatly. They love eggs and chicken broth, because they contain the valuable cysteine and biotin. They also contain enough fats and water to improve the condition of the thin layers between the keratin which give a healthy glow and elasticity to the nails.

Nails also have a taste for cheese, cottage cheese, milk and yogurt, jelly and meat (especially turkey or chicken), fish, fruit and vegetables, salads, whole-wheat bread, nuts, sunflower and pumpkin seeds, green tea, fruit juice and mineral water.

Drink more!

The trouble with nails often starts because the food we intake is too dry and we fail to compensate for this by drinking the required daily amounts of water.

Do your nails peel and break? Eastern medicine suggests you relieve this problem through consuming more seafood, sushi, mushrooms and greens.

Experts recommend the daily consumption of a freshly squeezed cocktail or smoothie – two or three carrots, a piece of cabbage and three or four tablespoons of sour cream.

Be patient. The full effect of the change in your diet will take effect on your nails in 6 months. This is how long it takes for the nails to renew completely.

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