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Feet are a big part of pedicure

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Pedicure is not just about toenails. You can have the best toenails, in the perfect shape and color, but if your feet are dry and flaky or your heels are cracking, you will not be able to confidently wear sandals. Try these tips to keep your feet in shape.

Warm foot bath

To prevent the skin on your feet from becoming rough or your heels from cracking, you will have to make time to give them some TLC at least once every two weeks. Treat them to a 20 minute warm bubble bath with a sponge stone or foot rub to remove the hardened cells. Dry your feet and rub them with olive oil. In 15 minutes dab the excess oil. Do not wash the rest of it away with soap.

One-week mask

Add one teaspoon of honey to one package of beauty clay. Mix with a little water to form a creamy substance. Apply this mask to your heels every evening. Cover with a piece of cotton and put on cotton socks. Follow up with Vaseline containing bees wax. Do this for a week and your heels will feel the effect.

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