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Help for tired feet

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After a long hard day it is normal to feel stressed and tired, not only psychologically, but also physically. For many people, fatigue is concentrated in the feet, which is why they require special treatment to be in shape.

Massage your feet after taking a shower, especially if you feel them a little swollen. Use massage oil, a rich cream or just plain body oil. It is also advisable to use corn or almond essential oils. The massage movements should be circulatory, working your way from the toes toward the heel, beginning on the bottom of the foot and then turning it over and massaging the top. Begin by rubbing the sole of the foot, being more attentive to the arch muscles. Use your thumbs or fists to rub the whole sole and then progress to the toes. If a particular toe feels more painful than the rest, spend extra time on it until the feeling of pain disappears.

Knees should never be massaged. You can massage your hips with a rough towel or a massage glove. This will help you avoid cellulite or reduce it.

After the massage, alternate rinsing your feet with hot and cool water. This will cleanse them from negative vibrations.

In order to prevent swelling and easy fatigue, you should daily perform exercises designed for feet. When sitting down, lightly contract and release the arch of your foot. Stretch the foot; cross your legs one over the other and slowly start circling the foot of your top leg clockwise and counterclockwise for 10 seconds each. Repeat with other foot. When barefoot, roll a rolling pin, ball or a foot massager. When standing up, shift the bulk of your weight from one leg to the other. This strengthens the muscles on the hips and calves.

Never massage your feet if you have varicose veins!

If your feet sweat easily, bathe them each morning and evening in a solution made from equal parts peppermint, chamomile, stinging nettle and pine bark. Soak your feet in this warm solution for 5 minutes and then rinse them with cool water. This will help you prevent sweating for a few hours at least.

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