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Homemade manicure for men

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The hands are a big factor in first impressions; therefore it is not a female thing to have them well taken care of. Yet, many men still find it difficult to admit that hand care is essential. They would not like to be seen at salons. If you are one of these men, this article is for you. Here you will find advice on how to care for your nails at home.

Nail clippers

Use nail clippers to clip your nails to the desired length. Make sure to cut straight and low. Do not clip the edges of the nails with clippers.

Get a nail file

Use this nail file to smooth over the edges of your clipped nails. It is better to get a paper-based nail file, which is softer and easier to find. Metal files are hard and can cause injuries to someone who lacks in experience, while glass files are too easy to break. Most paper-based nail files come in pink or have flower prints, but if this bothers you it shouldn’t take too long to find a single-colored file in a more masculine tone. If possible file in one direction – from the base of the nail toward the middle.

The war on cuticles

Cuticles are the small skin flaps over the base of the nail which left unchecked can grow into unattractive length. They should be either tucked in, or cut out. The best time to treat the cuticles is after bathing when they will be softened from the warm water. Use a spatula, a wooden stick (found in cosmetic shops) or the rounded end of your file to push the cuticle back toward the nail bed. The unnecessary skin will detach itself from the nail and can easily be cut out. To make this procedure easier, rub your hands with moisturizing lotion, which will soften the skin and make the cuticles more pliable. Never bite your cuticles!

Polishing the nails

Using nail polish is where most men draw the line. Don’t worry; we will not make you buy nail polish. You can polish your nails into a shine using your paper-based nail file. Most paper-based files have multiple surfaces which are labeled with a number. The roughest surface is number 1 and the bigger the number gets, the finer the surface grows. The roughest surface is for trimming the edge of your nail after clipping. Use the finest surface to polish the whole plate of the nail. Regardless, this polishing should not be done too often.

If you follow these steps once a week you will attain a nice, maintained manicure which will not go unnoticed by the ladies.

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