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How to decorate your nails yourself

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  1. If you have old nail polish on your nails – remove it.
  2. Rub the cuticles with softening lotion and gently push them back.
  3. Apply nail strengthener.
  4. Don’t forget to seal the nail at the tip with the application of each layer of nail polish. Do this by tracing your nail polish brush over the edge of each nail. This will make your manicure more lasting, because this technique prevents water from getting in between the layers of your polish and nail.


  1. Apply clear base. Apply a second coat of colored base if desire. Wait for it to dry out completely.
  2. Drop five dots of yellow nail polish in a circle in the middle of your nail and over them drop another five in orange nail polish. While the polish is still wet, use a special decoration brush or toothpick to pull each dot outwards. This will create a flower pattern. Work on each nail separately, because the polish needs to be wet in order to be pliable. You can use different colors to create the flower that will best express your individuality.
  3. Wait for your drawing to dry and apply a clear top layer of polish.

If you want to draw a paw pattern, after applying the base (Step 1.) use a pin or a thin brush to draw two larger dots on your nail. Above each of them draw three smaller dots. Do not forget to top with a clear coat of polish to make your creation more lasting.

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