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How to properly care for the skin of your hands

Image: © Oleg Ivanov / Fotolia

In winter hands are constantly subjected to unpleasant environmental influences. During washing, hands also lose a great deal of their natural moisture and grease. Below you will find advice on how to keep your hands healthy and beautiful year-round.

  1. Make an effort to exfoliate once a day with a scrub lotion or a homemade scrub. This will remove the dead cells and expose the healthier new skin beneath them. For daily use, scrub with a mixture of olive oil and plain sugar. Scrub for about three minutes, being careful around cuts and cuticles. Rinse and dry skin with a slightly moist towel.
  2. Each time you wash your hands, you lose valuable skin fats. To counteract this, be sure to use moisturizing lotion after each wash. Make sure the product is compatible with your skin type.
  3. For an intensive moisturizing, apply lotion to hands before going to bed and cover with cotton gloves. The gloves will keep the lotion on your skin and extend its action during the night. Do this at least twice a week and after two weeks you will start noticing great improvement in your hand skin condition.
  4. Do not use antibacterial soap and hot water in the winter, because they dry the skin excessively. When going out in cold weather, protect your hands with warm breathable gloves.

Never forget that hands are seen by everyone and their appearance says a lot about you. Their condition can convey your attitude toward hygiene, but also your self-image.

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