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How to treat your feet with SPA procedures at home

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Summer is the season of open shoes. Those of you who have not yet included pedicure in their weekly cosmetic routine should start taking care of their feet before summer arrives.

If you are of the opinion that the perfect image is built on the perfection of small and seemingly insignificant details, you should know that it’s not necessary to spend a lot of money at beauty salons, but perfection can also be achieved at home.

Foot care should not be a luxury. It is a regular hygienic procedure thanks to which you can avoid a number of serious problems, such as ingrown toe nails or cracking of the heels. Yet, in order to get baby soft skin on your feet, you don’t have to entrust their care to a salon. Pedicure technology is accessible and applicable in domestic conditions. All you need is to plan ahead and make sure you have a sufficient amount of time, since these procedures can take up to two and a half hours.

How to begin

First you have to soak the skin of your feet in hot water. It will be even better if you add any softening or disinfecting products to this water. If you do not have such products, then you can add a tablespoon of sea salt and a few teabags of chamomile to your soak bath. This will not only benefit the condition of your skin, but will also relieve tiredness of the feet.

After soaking the feet should be scrubbed with a foot file or exfoliating brush. A store-bought or homemade scrub mask will also do the trick. For the next procedures you will need nail clippers, curved nail scissors and cuticle remover.

The rest of the pedicure is the same as forming your manicure – cutting the nails, treating or pushing in the cuticle with a wooden or bamboo stick, filing and applying nail polish.

Important notice: Do not attempt to cut out the edges of toe nails, since this can lead to their ingrowth.

In order to achieve a lasting and satisfactory result, pedicure should be done at least once every two or three weeks. The main thing is to treat your feet with care and wisely use the abovementioned nail care tools. Be gentle and never use force when working on your feet.

Contemporary cosmetics offer a vast variety of products that can aid you in your foot care. Choose products that are compatible with your skin type and do not forget that if you desire lasting results, you have to be consistent.

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