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How to use the nail file

Image:© Natalya Glinskaya/ Fotolia

Here you will find some basic rules on filing your nails.

First of all remember to file only dry nails, because wet nails are more vulnerable and more easily damaged.

The file should move only in a single direction. An exception can be made for extremely brittle and weak nails, which can be saved only through cross filing.

The choice of shape depends on the condition of your nails and also on the shape of your thumbs. Short, stubby thumbs should never wear square nail, no matter how fashionable they are. Be objective and notice what looks best on you, don’t just blindly follow fads. Square nails will look good only on slim and narrow thumbs. In all other cases, the best shape for your nails is the classic oval.

The square nail shape is deemed as the most stable and resistant to environmental influences. The practical meaning of that is that you will not need to constantly fix broken or jagged corners.

You can give your nails a glowing polish using a paper nail file. In most cases paper files have four different surfaces. For a greater convenience choose a file with numbered surfaces and know that the greater the number is, the finer the surface. Use the finest surface to polish your nails.

Men should take care of their nails too. It is often presumed that male nails can endure all kinds of conditions, yet this, of course, is untrue. Male nails are vulnerable too and saving them is even harder, because men are not too willing to go to salons or manicure shops. Disregarding the fact that male nails have a different structure than female nails can cause serious damage to the nails of men who do take care of them in a female fashion.

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