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Male nail care for only 20 minutes a week

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The nails are one of the first things women notice in a man. Unfortunately not all man take good care of their hands not realizing that this can be a really big turn-off. Male manicure is nothing complicated. All you will need in order to have nice looking hands is a few tools and a little bit of willpower.

Step 1 – Large nail clippers

First you will need a pair of large nail clippers. Use the clippers to trim your fingernails. Don’t help smooth them out with your teeth. You will take care of the rough edges later. Now all you need to do is cut your nails short and even. Don’t cut the corners; you will file them away later.

Step 2 – A nail file

The nail file is used for giving your fingernails the desired shape – rounding off the corners, smoothing rough edges and making your nails look more cultivated and less wild. Specialists recommend that you get a paper file. Metal files can sometimes damage the structure of the nail, especially if the user is inexperienced. Do not let the fact that most paper files have feminine decorative prints (such as flowers or hearts) discourage you. If you look around the beauty isle it should be easy to find a suitable monochromatic nail file. Ask a clerk for help if needed. If you feel uncomfortable you can always excuse yourself by saying that you are selecting a gift for a friend. File your nails in a single direction – from the base of the nail toward the top. Otherwise your nails will become jagged and will scratch any woman you touch.

Step 3 – The cuticles

There is a thin line of skin at the base of the nail, which, if it is not regularly pushed back, begins to widen and grow, it becomes harder and “chokes” the nail. This line of skin is called the cuticle. Use a round wooden or plastic spatula to push it back toward the base of the nail. You can find this tool in every male or female manicure set. In order to make this procedure easier, rub your fingers with some moisturizing lotion, which will make the skin soft and make the cuticles more pliable. Do not attempt to cut the cuticles out with manicure scissors or pull on them with your teeth. Teeth are not manicure tools and using them can do more harm than good.

Step 4 – Polishing

Relax; this is not the polishing that involves different colors of nail polish! If you were able to acquire a paper-based nail file you will have noticed that it has at least two different surfaces – one rougher than the other. Some paper files have four different surfaces with numbers indicating the order in which they should be used. Follow the numbers. Side #1 is usually the coarsest and is used for filing the edges, while the finer sides are used for polishing the nail plate. Do not polish too vigorously or press too hard because you may damage the nail. Be gentle and don’t overdo it.

Finally, if you feel comfortable with it, you can add a coat of clear nail polish, which is almost unnoticeable, but will protect your nails and give them a finished look.

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