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Manicure based on hand, nail and skin structure

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The skin is the first barrier protecting your hands from the harmful effects of the environment. It prevents germs from getting inside the body, removes harmful toxins and on top of it all, it is the sensory organ of touch. Thanks to the nerve endings in the skin we can feel the touch of a loved one, warmth, pain, etc. This is why caring for the skin of the hands is not a luxury you should only do if you have time to spare, but a must. Before we can exercise proper hand care, we have to know something of the structure of hands, nails and skin. This way we will have a better idea of what we are trying to accomplish.

Here you will find descriptions of several types of manicure corresponding to the physiological needs of the hands.

SPA manicure

This is one of the most recently developed types of cosmetic manicure. It involves several procedures, including scrubbing, removal of the cuticles, hand mask application and finally hand massage. The products used in this kind of manicure are rich in nutrients and minerals. The effect is stunningly invigorating!

DeLux manicure

If you think that the skin of your hands is becoming rough and dry, treat yourself to a DeLux manicure. It is a more complicated, and consequently a more expensive, procedure than the traditional manicure. The main difference in price and effect comes from the use of paraffin and aroma therapy. The DeLux manicure also includes elbow care, as well as hair removal of the arms and hands.

Hot manicure

Hot manicure is done as a separate procedure. It is recommended for dry skin or if you have disturbances in nail growth and nail formation. In this procedure, the hands are placed in a basin of heated oil or lotion, massaged and wiped dry. Beneficial effects are noticeable immediately after the first application.

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