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Must read tips on keeping your hands healthy

Image:© Zanna Korobova / Fotolia

Having beautiful, healthy hands and nails is easy, but it requires some thought and effort. Apply these tips and you will enjoy strong, shiny nails in no time.

  1. Eat a healthy balanced diet. Don’t deprive yourself of food, because this way you are also depriving your body of nutrients, vitamins and minerals. Choose organic products when possible. Eat more raw fruits and veggies, but make sure that you diversify them in order to provide your body with many nutrients, not just the ones found in your favorite fruit or vegetable. An increased intake of vitamins will not only make your nails stronger but will also have a beneficial effect on your skin, hair, immune system and your overall health. You will look and feel better.
  2. Drink at least 1.5 liters (6 cups) of water a day. You need this water in order to keep your nails and skin hydrated and youthful. Water is also the enemy of cellulite, so don’t hesitate to take an extra drink. Increase the amount of water you drink in the summer months when the weather is hot.
  3. Get more sleep. The term “beauty sleep” is not accidental. Each person needs a different number of hours of sleep. On the average this number is from 6 to 8, but if your body needs more than that don’t hesitate to give it whatever it needs, even if that means you have to sleep for 12 hours a day. Do not withhold sleep from your body on account of feeling lazy. Once your body has caught up on sleep you can go back to sleeping less than that.
  4. Use sunscreen during the summer and warm clothes and gloves in the winter to protect your skin from the harmful effects of the weather. The sun is wonderful and good for your health, but you should avoid prolonged exposure especially in the hot summer months, when its UV rays are most harmful.
  5. Avoid sharp changes in temperature.
  6. Avoid contact with strong domestic cleansers, detergents and other household chemicals. Use protective rubber gloves when doing housework.
  7. Before going to bed at night, rub your hands and feet with glycerin lotion, massaging them lightly. You can also use body oil or fingernail gel, rubbing it in the area of the cuticles in order to nourish the skin and stimulate nail growth.
  8. Do hand and foot exercises regularly. They will tone your extremities and improve blood circulation in them. If your work involves sitting or repetitive actions (an office job) you have to devote a few minutes each day to exercises. Stretch and loosen your wrists and ankles, then tighten your fingers and toes and release them. Repeat this several times and you will feel fatigue leaving your body right away.

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