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Nail polish should be kept in the dark

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Every lady should strive to maintain the perfect condition of her hands and manicure. Nail polish is a big part of this effort and has been around for a long time. Women have used it for centuries to enhance their looks.

Nail polished is believed to be invented in China 5000 years ago. Can you believe that in those days women from the aristocracy were sporting nails with an average length of 25 centimeters? In this way they announced their social status. Their wealth was so great that they did not need to work with their hands in order to make a living, but used their hands for decorative purposes only.

In reality, the first women to start painting their nails were not the Chinese but the Egyptians. More than 6000 years ago they rubbed henna into their nails in order to decorate them. In ancient Egypt as in ancient China, hand and nail decorations were a statement of wealth and high social status.

In ancient Rome women decorated their nails with a mixture of animal fat and blood.

In contemporary times, nail polish and all of its varieties have overtaken a significant deal of the cosmetic industry. Here are some tips in caring for your nail polish.

It is easy to distinguish old nail polish from new. When applied, the old polish forms bubbles or visible brush traces.

Cosmeticians advise to store nail polish in cool dark places. It is also important to keep the neck of the bottle clean in order for it to seal properly and prevent air from going inside.

When applying nail polish, start at the middle of the nail plate, slide the brush toward the base and then back up toward the tip. After that, cover the sides in the same way.

Be patient and wait for the polish to dry completely. Many women blow on their nails to help them dry faster, however this may spoil the shine of the polish.

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