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Pampering your feet into beauty

Image: © Dmitry Sunagatov / Fotolia

It is important to give our feet comfort and care not only because consistent care can help us prevent serious and debilitating health issues, but also because there are energy channels in the body and a number of them go through the feet. So if the feet are not well taken care of, the whole body suffers. Here you will find several ways to keep your feet happy.

Barefoot on the grass

Walk barefoot on the grass whenever you can, especially early in the morning. If you live in an urban area where grass is hard to come by, don’t despair. Walk barefoot when you’re on vacation or visiting a friend with a grass lawn. Take every opportunity to connect with nature in this simple way.

Relaxing in water

Give your feet relaxing soak baths. Soak them for 5-15 minutes in warm water and add a few drops of essential oils for an even greater effect. Camphor, rosemary, lavender and basil are good choices.

The pleasure of massage

A short foot massage after a bath can help with insomnia and will be extremely beneficial for the feet. Massage them with sesame or olive oil right after a relaxing bath.

Remove toxins

This can be accomplished through soaking the feet in a bath of warm water to which you have added 2 teaspoons of salt. Afterwards massage the feet with oils as mentioned above.


Exercise your feet by rolling a tennis ball, rope or foot massager as often as you can. These exercises will strengthen the muscles and make your feet more flexible.


Even though we mention it last, it should not be considered least. As pampered as your feet may be, the way your new sandals look on them will be greatly influenced by the pedicure.

It is advisable to begin the warm season with a visit to the beauty salon for a thorough cleansing of the feet. Then it will be easier for you to maintain their look throughout the summer.

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