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Preparing your feet for a new beginning – spring

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Your feet have spent all winter in closed shoes and boots, where they did not get sufficient oxygen and care. Yet when the warmer days arrive, your feet have to look good enough for you to wear open shoes and sandals without shame. If you want your feet to stand up to this expectation, you should start caring for them way before spring arrives.

  1. Remove all traces of nail polish.
  2. Clip the nails with nail clippers. Be careful not to cut too low to avoid ingrowth.
  3. Shape the nails with a file. Give them a nice shape, even though it’s still too cold to show them off. You and your feet deserve this.


  1. Begin by soaking the feet in warm water. Add a few drops of aromatic oil or bath salts for a more pleasurable experience.
  2. Use a sponge-stone or foot file to remove the dead and rough skin.
  3. Use a scrub product. Products containing beta hydroxy acid are recommended.

Apply foot lotion. Buy a thick lotion containing multiple nutrients for maximum nourishment and moisturizing. Apply foot lotion at night and cover with cotton socks.

Take care of the cuticles. Use specially designed cuticle lotion which will soften them and make them easier to remove. Or simply soak them in warm water prior to procedure.

Polish your nails

Dark nail polish can permanently color the nails, so use a clear base if your preference runs toward the darker tones. This also goes for polishing fingernails. Apply two thin coats of nail polish and finish off with a clear top coat. Reapply the top coat every two-three days for a more lasting job.

Don’t forget that above all else your feet demand hydration. Don’t neglect to give it to them. It is not nail polish that makes pedicure perfect, but the soft skin and nourished nails.

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