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Procedures for strong and beautiful nails

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Strong and beautiful nails can be obtained only through regular systematic care. Attend to your manicure no less than twice monthly. Do not neglect to rub your nails with a hand and nail care lotion each night before bed.

Hand care lotion should be absorbed well by the skin and should have a softening, moisturizing effect. A nice aroma is a pleasant bonus, which will make you look forward to using it.

Among its ingredients the good hand lotion should contain vitamins A, E and F. They will prevent the nails from breaking and splitting. Vitamin E is especially important during the winter because it protects the hands from the ill effects of cold weather.

Jojoba oil will make your hands silky soft, while aloe extract will help for the speedy healing of miniature cracks on the surface of the skin which can sometimes appear during cold weather.

You can remove the yellowing from your nails by regularly rubbing them with lemon juice. Clean your nails with lemon juice daily and soon you will notice them becoming stronger and brighter.

If your nails split into layers, sea salt is the remedy you are looking for. Dissolve one tablespoon of sea salt in warm water and soak your hands in it for 20 minutes. Do this daily for two weeks, rest for a month and repeat.

One of the reasons for splitting nails could be a deficiency of calcium or one of the vitamins. Add products rich in calcium to your diet. You can also boil a white egg, save the shells and crush them into powder. Add 3 grams of this powder to your breakfast each morning.

Gelatin is very beneficial for the strengthening and speedy growth of the nail.

When doing housework and especially when using household cleaners, never forget to use rubber gloves.

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