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Proper cuticle care

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For generations a woman’s hands have been considered a reflection of her social and self-image. In order for the hands to be beautiful, first they have to be healthy and their health should be maintained through proper care. And when talking of proper hand care, special attention should be given to the cuticle since it is the one feature that often gets neglected or damaged through improper treatment.

The cuticle is a defensive layer of skin at the base of the nail plate. Its function is to prevent bacteria entering into the area of nail growth. A just question here would be: if it plays such an important protective part, why then should the cuticle be removed?

Sometimes the cuticle may be referred to as “dead skin” because of the dead skin cells at its outermost end. In time these cells dry out and give the nails an unhealthy, untended look. Proper care should leave the cuticle elastic, unruffled and clinging snugly to the nail.

How to properly care for the cuticle

In order to make your cuticles soft and elastic use special lotions or gels based on natural essential oils. They have a nourishing and moisturizing effect and prevent drying during the nail growth process. A single drop added to each nail is enough. Rub it gently into the skin. For removal of the dead skin use a bamboo stick or one of the pushback tools in your manicure kit.

You can quickly soften the cuticles by rubbing them with ricin or lavender oil. Do this once a day, preferably in the evening before going to bed, so that the oils can be absorbed during the night.

Remember that hand care should be a daily habit, just as face and body care. And also keep in mind that cuticle maintenance is not just a beauty procedure, but is essential for nail health.

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