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Rules for artificial manicure maintenance

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When it comes to artificial nails, there are several rules that should be considered in order to preserve your manicure so that you can enjoy it longer.

Do not use your artificial nails to peel off stickers, pull out cables or open packages.

Be extra careful when opening your car door, because this simple action can cause the nails to break, which is not only inconvenient, but also painful.

Do not use your nails to press the buttons of your cell phone, remote controll and keyboard or the buttons on the elevator. Keep your nails from any kind of pressure.

If this is your first time using artificial nails, be very careful when doing housework. Strive to keep your manicure from heat exposure, since this kind of nails are not made to endure high temperatures and will begin to melt or turn black. When doing the dishes or working with household chemicals always use rubber gloves! They protect not only your manicure but also the skin of your hands.

You should also pay extra attention in the gym, when lifting dumbbells for example.

You will need to make corrections to your artificial nails every 3-4 weeks or depending on the speed with which your natural nails grow. Never remove your artificial nails yourself. Their application and removal are complicated procedures which should be done by a specialist and if not performed correctly can seriously damage the health of your natural nails.

You can file artificial nails and the only condition is that you use a metal file.

Keep these rules for maintenance to protect your natural nails from harm.


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