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The five factors for a beautiful manicure

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Here are the five most important factors for beautiful nails according to specialists:


Regular washing of the hands is a must, of course, but so is cleaning underneath the nails. This is one of the dirtiest areas in the whole body, where pollutants tend to accumulate. This reputation is affirmed further by the fact that this area is not easy to reach. Use a hard toothbrush or a special nail brush to scrub underneath your nails. Always clean your hands thoroughly before starting on your manicure.

Nail shine

If you want your nails to have a healthy shine, rub them with lemon or orange. Lemon is a natural remedy for a number of illnesses and conditions, but it is also a useful element in beautification.

How exactly do you use it? Simply rub your nails with a halved lemon 2 or 3 times a week for about 15 minutes each while you are watching TV or a movie. This procedure also has a strengthening effect.


Specialists agree that you better not try to cut your cuticles yourself. This can lead to infections or even worse damage to your fingers and nails. If you prefer doing your manicure at home use a wooden spatula to push the cuticles back toward the base of the nail. This should be enough to clear the nail plate and make your nails look healthy.


In order for your nails to have a healthy shine, you have to regularly polish the nail plate with a paper file. This way you will smooth out the naturally occurring rough parts of the nail. Be careful not to overdo this, however, and don’t file too vigorously, because you may thin out the nail plate too much and your nail will fall off. Be extra careful. Use light gentle strokes and keep an eye on the thickness of your nail plate. For best results polish less, but more often.

Top coat of nail polish

Always finish off your manicure with a top coat of clear nail polish, which will help to longer preserve your creation.

Do not forget that your nail will look good only if your hands look good as well, so give them some TLC by massaging them gently with a little bit of moisturizer.

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