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The golden rules of perfect hands

Image: © Sergey Galushko / Fotolia


  1. Always (absolutely always!) use rubber gloves when doing housework.
  2. Always carry a nail file with you in your handbag. This way you will be ready to handle small breaks right away before they become large.
  3. Use moisturizer after every hand-washing.
  4. Drink water. This is an important factor which few people consider and even fewer keep. You should drink at least 2 liters of water a day. Water transports nutrients throughout the body and rids it of toxins. Nails, as well as hair, are made out of keratin – an ingredient in protein. The strength of hair and nails depends on the presence of sulfur in the amino acids which form the keratin. And last, but not least, water and fat molecules can be found in the nails between the keratin cells. They give the nails their gentle pink color and shine. This is why daily consumption of enough water is so essential for nail care.
  5. A healthy, balanced diet, containing a large amount of fruits and vegetables is also a good start. It will provide the body with the vitamins and minerals it needs for inner health and outer beauty. Some vitamins and minerals directly affect the way our nails look. For example – vitamins A and B are needed for strength, calcium for hardness. Folic acid makes the nails flexible; biotin is needed for their growth, while fatty acids give them smoothness, luster and beauty.

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