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The irreplaceable nail clippers

Image: © cronopio / Fotolia


Nail clippers – the tool each and every woman should have in her beauty bag. They are practical and convenient and serve us faithfully whenever we wish to decrease or cut our fingernails or toenails. Yet there are a few things we should know about them.

Sometimes nail clippers may turn out to be the reason behind brittle nails. This is why you should use them for general shortening of the nails but do the finer work with your nail file. This is a good option to save yourself time and avoid the boring activity of shortening long nails with a file.

Same goes for pedicure. Nail clippers should be used to a certain level and the final touches done with a file.

Remember to never use the same clippers for manicure and pedicure. For manicure choose clippers with titanium covering. They are more precise in clipping and have a longer life. They should be sharp in order to avoid tearing the nail.

Pedicure nail clippers demand the same requirements as the ones for manicure. The only difference is that pedicure clippers are larger for your convenience.

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