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The latest tendencies for sharp manicure

Image:© vladstar/ Fotolia

The latest tendency in manicure seems to be dictated by Rihanna and the scandalous Lady GaGa who are bending fashion to a new eccentric degree. According to their stylists, the nail can be very sharp or a little blunted, but the top angle should definitely be less than 60 degrees.

Sharp nails first appear in the 80s and were then popular among the working class – mostly among secretaries and typists. During the 90s they undergo a transformation becoming part of the image of the vamp-woman – sharp red nails, long enough to sink into any man’s back.


The colors most suitable for sharp nails today are red, black and white, gray, blue and purple. You can experiment with brighter colors, but be careful – the line between eccentricity and caricature is very thin. For best results you can turn to a specialist who will shape your nails and choose the color which suits you most.

This nail shape is very good for applications, piercing, gem incrustations and all kinds of other fashionable manicure details.

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