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The most common myths about manicure

Image: © joe4560 / Fotolia

Myth #1 – You should not file your nails back and forth because this leads to cracking. You should only file your nails in a single direction.

Actually, back and forth filing of the nails is completely harmless if you use a 240 grit file or finer.

Myth #2 – Only certain colors of nail polish go with certain complexions.

Any color of nail polish can look good with any complexion, as long as the right nuance is chosen. If your skin is darker, it most likely has a yellow undertone. You can use purple nail polish, as long as it keeps to the violet side. For paler skin, use the bluer nuances of purple.

Myth #3 – Only pale colors of nail polish look good on short fingernails.

Practically, brighter colors are better for shorter nails. They give them a neat sporty look. Short nails with a natural color nail polish will look pretty, but not noticeable. Choose whichever color you desire in accordance with the effect you wish to achieve.

Myth #4 – Eating jelly makes the nails stronger.

There is no scientific proof that jelly has an effect on the growth and strength of nails whatsoever.

Myth #5 – You have to go without nail polish for a time to allow the nails to breathe.

Nails are built out of strong keratin, so they can breathe just fine. In fact, any coverage, whether polish or fake nails, protects them from environmental hazards, drying and breaking.

Myth #6 – Acetone nail polish remover is bad for the nails.

On the contrary! Acetone nail polish remover can be safer than many non-acetone ones. It evaporates quicker than the others and often they may contain substances which are far worse than acetone.

Myth #7 – Only removal of the cuticles can make your nails look nice.

Removing the cuticle can make it more resilient and thicker with time. The more you cut them, the more they grow. There are cosmetics which can rid you of this vicious circle. It gradually works on the nail, smoothing out the surface. Daily use gives the nail a nice healthy look and prevents dryness.

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