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Three varieties of contemporary manicure

Image: © Zoja/ Fotolia

The skin of the hands is the first barriers, which protects them from the effects of the environment. It does not allow bacteria in the body, removes the toxins and plays the role of a sensory organ. Thanks to the many nerve endings in it we can feel touch, warmth, pain, etc. This is why we have to care for our skin and keep it in perfect shape. But before we start talking about proper hand care, we should learn about the structure of hands, skin and nails, because when we know how they are made and what makes them tick, we have a better idea of how to care for them properly.


SPA manicure

This manicure is one of the newest inventions of modern cosmetics. It includes the following procedures: exfoliating, soft removal of the cuticle and finally, mask and massage of the hands. The means used for this manicure are rich in minerals and nutrients and its effect is unbelievable.

DeLux manicure

If you feel that the skin on your hands is becoming dry and rough, give yourself a DeLux manicure. It is a complicated procedure and a little more expensive than the classic one. The main difference is that in the DeLux version, basic manicure is supplemented with paraffin and aroma therapy. Apart from that it can include hair removal of the hands and arms and elbow care.

Hot manicure

Hot manicure is preformed as a separate procedure. You can undergo this procedure if you are suffering from dry skin or if one of the phases of nail growth is disturbed. The hands are placed in heated oil or lotion and they are massaged. The remaining oil is removed with a towel. This is a very beneficial procedure.

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