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When and why do nails break?

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There can be several reasons behind breaking of the nails. One of them can be found in the effects of chemicals, contained in detergents or other house cleaning products, including dish washing liquid. Another reason

is that they spend too much time in water, as when doing the dishes. A simple solution for this would be to use rubber gloves when doing housework and a lotion containing glycerin to rub the hands and nails with after each washing.

Of course, this treatment is not always effective, especially if your diet is unvarying and lacking in iron. The nails also become brittle and break easily when you go on a weight reducing diet. Then the lack of foods containing iron can become very noticeable, foods such as beef, whole wheat bread, apricots, walnuts, raisins, etc. If you do not like blackcurrant or black elderberry you can eat fresh coleslaw salads. Avoid the overconsumption of liver, because although it is rich in iron, it also serves in the body as a filter for all toxins, which are retained in its tissue. Finally, in order for your nails to be healthy and beautiful, they need special attention from you and maybe a little spoiling once in a while.

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