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Your nails need the right care

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Nail structure is determined genetically but can be greatly influenced by external factors, such as diet, nail care and manual work. The healthy nail is pliable and not brittle. Often nail problems are an indication for more serious problems in the body.

For healthy nails:

Include gelatin in your daily ration – jelly, soups, milk and dairy products, yeast, soy products, sea food, wheat, beats, egg yolk, vitamin H (biotin).

If you want your nails to be healthy and beautiful, you have to eat healthy and make sure you intake sufficient amounts of vitamins and minerals.

To help your nails grow and strengthen, you need vitamin A. It is found in liver, whole butter, parsley, carrots and tomatoes.

Vitamin B helps for the absorption of protein and thus facilitates the growth of the nails. You can find it in wheat germ, egg yolk and cabbage.

For helping nails grow faster, consume more iodine, which is contained in seaweed.

In order to be strong, your nails need calcium, which you can get mainly from dairy products.

Iron is very important for the structure and shape of the nail.

Sulfur is needed for the formation of the nail and to protect it from inflammation. It can be acquired through eating cabbage, onions and cucumbers.

It is recommended that you scrub you nails with a brush twice a day. They need to be exfoliated too.

Regular massage with hand lotion is very beneficial for the nails. And if you push back the cuticles daily, this will prevent their growth and you will not have to cut them so often, which is a step in avoiding infection.

Do all housework with rubber gloves!

For lightening your nails, rub them with a slice of lemon for 5 minutes each.

Do not keep your nails polished at all times. Let them have rest periods occasionally, or they will turn yellow.

Apply base before each coat of nail polish to protect the nail from its effects.

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